Validation of the Digital Platform Reference Ontology

What is a digital platform?

Expert 1: A digital platform is a service offering with multiple users entering different agreements with each other. (correct)

Who is involved in a digital platform and how?

Expert 1: Different agents are involved on the platform, being either persons or organisations, by engaging in different agreements with one another. (correct)

Who is involved in a platform user agreement and how?

Expert 1: Platform user agreements are being formed between platform users (can be persons or organisations), that are supported by platform software and managed by a platform manager (an organisation). (correct)

What is the platform software and how is it related to the digital platform?

Expert 1: The platform software is a typical software tool that supports the different platform actions that can be performed by the users. (correct)

What is a platform supported interaction and how is it related to the platform users?

Expert 1: Platform supported interaction can be defined as a user action, a platform management action or a platform software action. These actions support the platform user agreements that are formed between the platform users. (correct)

Do you have any other feedback regarding figure 1?

Figure is clear, well done!

General Digital Platform

What is a one-Sided Platform?

Expert 1: A type of digital platform towards a one-sided community of targeted platform users. (correct)


What is a Multi-Sided (MS) platform?

Expert 1: An MS platform is a type of digital platform. (correct)

How many sides does a MS platform target?

Expert 1: An MS platform tries to target at least two different MS platform side communities. (correct)

What is a user affiliation?

Expert 1: A user affiliation is a platform user agreement. (correct)

Who is involved in a user affiliation and how?

Expert 1: A user affiliation involves a MS platform management with a MS platform user, through user affiliation actions. (correct)

What kind of user affiliations are there?

Expert 1: Registration, subscription, main content creation, transaction and investment. (correct)

How are the platform supported interactions related to the MS platform?

Expert 1: Through the MS platform side communities, formed by MS platform users. (Work in progress)

Do you have any other feedback regarding figure 2?

Expert 1: Had to think this figure a bit more through. (work in progress)


How is a user role related to a MS platform?

Expert 1: A user is related to a MS platform through at least two roles. Not sure of the question and the type of answer that is expected. (work in progress)

What is a user action type and how is it related?

Expert 1: These are types of actions that a user role on the digital platform can perform. (Correct)

How can a user change its role?

Expert 1: By assuming a different role as platform user that can then presume different user actions. Again, not really sure how to answer this question. (work in progress)

Do you have any other feedback regarding figure 3?

Expert 1: The questions were more difficult to answer for me with this figure. (work in progress)

User Roles