User Stories of CreateYourTrip

The table below gives an overview of the user stories with the roles and goals captured from the figures. The benefits were not derived from these figures but were specified during the validation of the model with potential.

FigureRole (As a ..)Goal (I want to ..)Benefit (so that ..)
1Platform visitorsearch through activity listingsI can find one or multiple activity listings that can be booked as activities for a trip
1Admin usercreate activity listingsI can make activity listings available for search
1Service Providerto be involved in activity listingsNot clear yet, can be further defined
2Subactivity Providercreate subactivity listingsthese subactivities are bookable and can be included in an activity
2Customerbook tripstravelers can participate in activities during that trip
2Travelerparticipates in activitiesNot clear yet, can be further defined

Figure 1: Ontology model