Platform Economy in Healthcare: Sample

Name platformSourceDescription
CohealoAmr Mohamed Alsayed Metwally, 2017, Vásquez, 2016, Slocombe, 2013, Tandon, 2020, Berlančić, 2019The platform helps hospital to fully utilise their most expensive assets by dynamically reallocating and sharing the medical equipment across facilities.
PagerAmr Mohamed Alsayed Metwally, 2017A platform that helps patients navigate their entire care journey, connecting them to the right care, in the right place at the right time.
“Figure 1”Amr Mohamed Alsayed Metwally, 2017Application on which healthcare professionals and students can browse cases by anatomy and medical specialty to seek input on complex cases and share knowledge with each other.
PatientsLikeMeAmr Mohamed Alsayed Metwally, 2017, De Reuver et al., 2018, Hermes et al., 2020, Andréa Belliger, 2018Patients can share stories of symptoms, treatment information and health outcomes with each other.
HealBitar, 2020Application that  enables patients to book on-demand home visits from primary care physicians.
Nomad HealthDespic, 2019, Alanezi & Alanzi, 2020, Bitar, 2020, Wrigley, 2018Online platform that connects healthcare systems directly with healthcare workers, who can search and sign up for short term and per-diem jobs.
MedSpeedBitar, 2020Medical courier that creates a network of healthcare organizations to share idle medical equipment.
ConnectusMedicalBitar, 2020Application that connects kidney patients with treatment centres and delivers dialysis machines when away from home.
MedzedNichol, 2016House call platform to connect high-risk patient the their medical team. It serves as a bridge between a patient and his healthcare system
Uber HealthSchiavone et al., 2020Enabling healthcare organisations to arrange trips on behalf of others.
HelparoundNichol, 2016Patient onboarding network that pre-empts therapy drop-offs, by digitizing specialty drug manufacturers’ patient support programs
Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) partnership with LyftDaum, 2017The partnership between BCBS and Lyft, a ridesharing companies offers health plan members no-cost transportation to their doctor’s office.
WEGO health expertsDaum, 2017A platform that enables healthcare organizations to hire patient experts on demand to leverage the patient experience and expertise in the design, development and promotion of their products.
Hale HealthDavid Altman, 2015Application that enables patients to communicate with their primary care providers, ask questions about symptoms and receive prescriptions without visiting an office.
Crossover healthVásquez, 2016Connects people directly with doctors and insurance guides online to reduce healthcare costs.
TeladocMiller et al., 2016, Despic, 2019, Evans & Gawer, 2016, Berlančić, 2019A health brand that connects people to the right care when they need it the most, mainly working with virtual care services.
SocialDiabetesMarco et al., 2019It provides an infrastructure enabling the interactions between the patients and the doctors giving everyone the necessary knowledge to be empowered and take control of their diabetes.
Citizen HealthHermes et al., 2020Information platform where patients and physicians can share ideas to redesign healthcare together.
Navinata healthHermes et al., 2020Online learning platform that offers an opportunity to deliver tailored education and on-demand support between physicians, and patients to optimize the knowledge exchange.
JamedaHermes et al., 2020Jameda is a physician referral service, assessment service and online appointment scheduling where patients can find the right doctor.
ZocDocHermes et al., 2020An information platform that connects patients, doctors, and insurance.
eVisitHermes et al., 2020A web application that connects primary care providers with their patients for the remote diagnosis and treatment of mostly minor medical conditions.
SaluberSchiavone et al., 2020An platforms that provides three types of services, namely, medical transport, disabled transport and home assistance.
GoodRx careDespic, 2019Application which allows patients to book online on demand visits.
Doctor on demandDespic, 2019Mobile application that provides on-demand and schedules visits with licensed health care providers.
AntidoteAndréa Belliger, 2018Digital health company focused on accelerating and improving medical research by bridging the gap between medical research and the people who need them.
MedelyAlanezi & Alanzi, 2020Online on-demand platform for healthcare professionals, like registered nurses and techs to find per diem work.
AmwellCrittenden et al., 2017, Despic, 2019, Evans & Gawer, 2016,Health insurance company built around a full stack technology platform that also offers on-demand healthcare to its community.
PillPackJ. Miller et al., 2020A full-service pharmacy that fill, sort and deliver all medications in personalized packages.
MDLiveEvans & Gawer, 2016On-demand healthcare delivery service platform on which patients can easily connect with physicians to make on-demand appointments.
Sample of sharing economy platform within Healthcare