SafaRide User Stories

NrUser storyRoleGoalBenefit
1RegistrationRegistered UserBecoming a userAble to login
2LoginLogged in userTo use the appAble to search, book and/or create a listing
3Listing CreationTrip ProviderGet bookings for your listingEarn money for free seats and travel together
4Listing SearchTrip CustomerFind a listingGet seats for a reasonable price and travel together
5BookingTrip CustomerConnected users receive each other’s contact detailsAllows future communication between the connected user
6PaymentTrip CustomerTo pay the bookingCreates trust, as the provider knows he will get paid
7Booking conversationTrip Provider & Trip CustomerDiscuss trip details and gathering infoCommunication and planning for the trip
8Provider ReviewTrip ProviderReview the customersMore knowledge for future users and pressure to act good
9Customer ReviewTrip CustomerReview the ProviderMore knowledge for future users and pressure to act good

Registration user story in OntoUML

Listing creation user story in OntoUML